Triple Moon Goddess Pillar Candle

Gemini Magick

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Goddess of Witchcraft 

She is amazing to work with on helping you find your path, she protects your home & loved ones and provides assistance with spirit/shadow work.

  • Signs and Symbols: Key, Torch or Lantern, Black Dogs, Crossroads, The Moon, The Crone, Number Three, Strop Halos Wheel, Daggers
  • Offerings: Locally Available Fruits, Garlic, Cakes, Grapes, Wine, Almonds and Other Nuts, Roses, Oak Leaves, Mugwort, Frankincense, Lavender, Bones and Seashells
  • Planet: Moon and Saturn
  • Day: Saturday
  • Animals: Dog, Polecat, Snake
  • Tarot Card: High Priestess, The Hermit, Queen of Pentacles

The color black is associated with protection and banishing negativity. Our black candles are infused with Amber fragrance oil. Amber is associated with security, warding off negativity and good fortune.


Candle is made with 50% soy wax and 50% beeswax.

(black colored candles might look a bit more grey due to the soy wax)