Tranquility Candle

Gemini Magick

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Tranquility candles are infused with a blend of Lavender and Sage fragrance oil, Lavender Buds, and Rosemary. The crystals in the candles are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz.

The color Lavender is associated with:

Promote Peace, Well Being, Sleep, Relieves Tensions, Enhance Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Spiritual Development, Psychic Growth

Lavender fragrance oil is used for:

Peace, Tranquility, Sleep, Health, Love, Dispel depression, Control of emotions.

Lavender Buds are used for:

Peace, Chastity, Relieves Depression, Purification, Sleep, Healing.

Rosemary is used for:

Memory, Acceptance, Beauty, Clarity, Healing, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Protection, Purification, Sleep


High Spiritual Vibration, Guards Against Psychic Attacks, Enhances Spiritual Awareness, Natural Tranquilizer, Helps with Insomnia, Blocks Negative Environment Energies, Strong Healing & Cleansing, Enhances Memory, Improves Motivation, Helps Stay Focused and in Control, Supports Sobriety

Clear Quartz:

Master Healer, Most Powerful Healing and Energy Amplifier, Absorb Stores Releases and Regulates Energy & Helps Unblock it, Attunes You to Your Spiritual Purpose, Can Have the Properties of Any Other Crystal

Rose Quartz:

Stone of Universal Love, Draws Off Negative Energy and Replaces it with Loving Vibes, Brings Infinite Peace, Purifies and Opens the Heart, Calming and Reassuring, Comforts Grief, Teaches to Love Yourself, Encourages Self Forgiveness and Acceptance


Candles are hand poured, made of soy wax, and 100% natural fragrance oils.

REMINDER: each candle will look differently!