Medusa Candle

Gemini Magick

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Medusa candles are infused with rose and eucalyptus fragrance oil, rose petals and thyme.

Medusa teaches us that we have the right to defend ourselves. She helps you stand your ground, especially in a time of harm. She helps remind you that you have the right to be safe. You do not have to stay quiet.

Medusa tells us to know our power and to honor the gifts that swim within our veins, even though sometimes it may feel like more of a curse than a blessing. She brings us the wisdom of the snake, of transformation and of rebirth. She asks that we hold up the mirrored shield towards those that would wish us ill and reflect back upon them what they have created.

Medusa reminds us that there will always be those who will spit venom at us, in word and deed. That does not make them right. We are not here to be the plaything of others. We are Sacred Priestesses of the Divine. And we will not back down.

  • Signs and Symbols: Sea Water, Shells, Sand, Divine Eyes, Sword, White Wine, Mirrors, Coral, Snake Skin, Mermaids, Petrified Wood
  • Offerings: Seaweed, Sage, Lavender, Roses, Rosemary
  • Planet: Mars, Saturn
  • Day: Tuesday and Saturday
  • Animals: Snakes, All Sea Creatures, Lizards
  • Tarot Card: The High Priestess

 Candles are hand poured, made of soy wax, and 100% natural fragrance oils.

Reminder: Each candle will look differently!