Dark Feminine Candle

Gemini Magick

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Our Dark Feminine candle is infused with a sandalwood, rose, jasmine and bergamot blended oil. It is dressed with osmanthus, rose petals, jasmine and thyme. Each candle contains Carnelian chips, Rose Quartz and Jasper crystals.


The Dark Feminine Candle is made with the intention to embrace your dark feminine side. This energy is a source of deep connection with one's dark side. It is a powerful force within us all and it is nothing to be feared. It gives one an opportunity to tap into our intuition, feminine allure and inner strength which can open up new pathways for healing ourselves emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Due to society expectations, people already have an image in their head on how we're supposed to act or look. Suppressing our darkness often results from the idea that woman should be people pleasing to gain acceptance and validation. AND THAT IS NOT OKAY!! 

For centuries, women have been drawn to the beauty of the mysterious dark feminine energy. This natural force has been a source of empowerment and inspiration. Dark Feminine energy embodies alluring & magnetism energy, but also the power of transformation and creating space for growth. This candle helps you focus on being fierce, mysterious, assertive, AUTHENTIC, fearless, confident, powerful, magnetic, protective, but yet supportive all at the same time. 

Accept that you are a siren, an attractive, but dangerous woman.