Cleanser Candle

Gemini Magick

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Cleanser candle is infused with lemon and eucalyptus, thyme, and rosemary. Crystals that are used in the candle are Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, and Selenite.

White candles are associated with:

Unity, Purification, Protection,Peace, Beginnings, Healing Properties, Warding Doubts and Fears

Lemon and Eucalyptus fragrance oils are used for:

Healing and Purification

Rosemary is used for:

Memory, Acceptance, Beauty, Clarity,, Healing, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Protection, Purification, Sleep

Thyme is used for:

Courage, Healing, Health, Purification, Sleep


Powerful Healer, Banishes Evil and Negativity, Heightens Intuition, Increases Creativity, Grounding and Protective, Gives Courage, Assists You in Acting in the Present Moment, Dispels Confusion, Revitalizes the Mind, Helps Ground the Heart Energy

Clear Quartz

Master Healer, Most Powerful Healing and Energy Amplifier, Absorbs Stores Releases and Regulates Energy & Helps Unblock it, Attunes You to Your Spiritual Purpose, Can Have the Properties of Any Other Crystal


One of the Most Powerful Crystals, Can be Used to Form a Protective Grid Around the House, Cleanses Other Crystals, Earths Angelic Energies and Aids Earth Healing, Quietens the Mind, Healing with Mental Clarity, Stabilizes and Balances Emotions


Candles are hand poured, made of soy wax, and 100% natural fragrance oils.