Cleanser Bath Salt

Gemini Magick

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Cleanser Bath Salts are infused with Eucalyptus fragrance oil, Lemon, Rosemary, and Clear Quartz crystal to amplify. Cleanser Bath Salts are to feel refreshed and help all the negativity banish. These bath salts are meant to help you feel refreshed.

6 oz bag can be used for 2-4 baths 

Eucalyptus fragrance oil:

Healing and Purifying


Purification, Friendship, Longevity, Removing Negativity, Spiritual Opening


Memory, Acceptance, Beauty, Clarity, Healing, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Protection, Purification, Sleep

Clear Quartz:

Master Healer, Most Powerful Healing and Energy Amplifier, Absorbs Stores Releases and Regulates Energy & Helps Unblock it, Attunes You to Your Spiritual Purpose, Can Have the Properties of Any Other Crystal 


Test a small amount on skin to make sure you are not allergic.